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There’s nothing quite like the outdoors!  And we bring you right up close -- to it all.  Fly-fishing, climbing, and Slide-Rocking (is that a word? It is in Sedona!). Or spa-ing, golfing, antique shopping, Grand Canyon Railroad training, jeeping, and of course premier hiking.  Don't forget the world famous Vortexes where the earth's magnetic fields are mystically altered here (they are!), in the iron ore, and instill peace, serenity, new energy and physical healing.  But you can't stop just there -- without hitting the wineries, fine dining (and newly opened world-famous Mariposa!) and just plain pampering yourself.  With your boots tight, a backpack & thermos in tow and tunes on your player, you’re going straight up (perhaps scaling Cathedral Rock, just 2.8 miles from all 3 of our homes!). Well that’s just what we do here at A1 Diamond Luxury Homes LLC of Sedona.  Since 2004, we've been providing luxury residences to families, to immerse themselves in the Great Southwest .  All luxury homes have custom-designed rock pools, red-rock views and spacious private spots to enjoy the morning and twilight (and yes finish the day watching the world's most famous night-sky (they call it "Dark Sky") of shooting stars or electric desert lightning storms (better than 4th of July fireworks.)  


So, get your pack on (or you spa wraps), find your cast-iron skillet (or spa tea), and book your stay with us A1 Diamond Luxury Homes LLC  today!

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